Land and Lots for Sale in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Central America with a 1,290 km long coastline. The east coastline rests on the Caribbean Sea and the western coastline is lined by the Pacific Ocean. It is a land of lush green forests, scenic landscapes, pristine beaches, active volcanoes, hotspots of biodiversity and rich cultural heritage. This diverse tropical land has something for every taste. Amidst the serene panorama offered by this country full of thriving flora and fauna, you can choose from stunning properties located by pristine beaches, or placed on breezy hilltops with stellar views.  It’s the place to build your dreams!

Our experienced agents can help you choose the right property, and guide you easily through the process. We offer a wide range of properties which can be bought by locals as well as the foreigners because the same ownership rights for the properties are applicable for all. These lenient land laws and regulations make it relatively easy to become a landowner in Costa Rica.

This is the place to build your dream home, establish your ranch or farmhouse, or develop your commercial property such as a hotel or a resort. Whatever your dreams may be, we have the property to help you achieve them. Panoramic views of the spectacular beaches, awe-inspiring countrysides, secluded landscapes, majestic mountains, sparkling waterfalls….whatever you are searching for, our huge selection of properties will fulfill your needs!

The majority of these properties have easy access to basic necessities such as hospitals, airports, grocery stores, banks, schools, pharmacies, restaurants, farm supply stores, etc.

Explore all of your options on our website and please contact us if you need any additional information. We look forward to helping you find the property of your dreams!

We have best land for sale in Costa Rica

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